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We recognise that during this difficult time life can be hard. You might be feeling a little claustrophobic or stressed at the prospect that the nationwide lock down could be extended for a while yet. Many people will be concerned with the very real prospect of not being able to pay their rent or bills. While there is legislation in place to protect you as tenants, it is important to understand and activate the support which is available – do not simply

There is help out there; you should be able to find all you need in this article. Most of the help on offer is available through the Government’s Universal Credit Scheme.

Universal Credit

There are a few scenarios to cover which will dictate what you can claim for.

In work and NOT claiming benefits – if you are unable to work due to the coronavirus and eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) you will get it from day one of your illness rather than the fourth day of your illness. If you are OUT of work due to COVID-19 you can claim SSP this includes carers on quarantine.

This week the Government increased the standard allowance in Universal Credit along with the basic element in Working Tax Credit for one year. They have now increased by £20 per week (from £317.82 – £409.89 per month)

There has long been a call for Local Housing Allowance rates to be increased as the amount afforded to claimants was simply not enough. These rates will also be increased to cover at least 30 per cent of market rents in your area. This will apply to all private renters who are new or existing Universal Credit housing element claimants.

They have also made some changes for when you have to make a claim. If you need to claim because of COVID-19 you will no longer require a ‘Fit Note’ and will be able to receive up to a month’s advance upfront without the need to visit a jobcentre. You can find out more about Universal Credit here.

Council Tax

The Government has confirmed that there will be support for renters; this will provide council tax relief for vulnerable people affected most by Coronavirus. The hardship fund will go to local authorities to enable them to reduce council tax bills for residents.

Energy Bills

If you have a prepay meter and are unable to add credit due to the Coronavirus, contact your supplier immediately to talk through your options. They will have support available for you in one way or another; this may be in the form of adding credit remotely for smart meter customers or sending you a pre-loaded top up card. Any customer in financial distress will be supported by their supplier, just make sure you are proactive in contacting them.

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